M F Husain made a portrait of Indrani in Delhi in 1956.

One of his early portraits, it was shown in Delhi. The painting was lost in the 1960's. Ram found a negative of this photograph of Indrani in front of the lost painting, made by his father Habib, in 1956. He printed it in his New York Darkroom and gave a print to Husain. This was the only record of the lost painting.

Husain remade the painting in the Lexington Hotel in New York in 1998, along with the Ganesh painting below. He carried them over to Indrani's flat on 10th Street in the Village.

Indrani passed away in February 1999 and the paintings now hang in Ram's loft in the Fulton Fish Market. Husain wrote about the episode in his hand-written autobiography.


Indrani in front of Husain portrait, Delhi, 1956. Photograph by Habib Rahman.

MF Husain, 1956/1998. Portrait of Indrani Rahman. Acrylic on Canvas, 38" X 20"
MF Husain, Dancing Ganesh, 1998. Acrylic on Canvas, 22" X 24"